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Mirc channels

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IRC Channel Lists. How to find a channel. On IRC, channels are where people meet and chat. You may know them as “chat rooms”. These are a few pointers for . This retrieves a list of all of the active channels from the IRC server. This list can be quite long and depending on your connection it might take several minutes to . To use mIRC, you need to connect to an IRC network. An IRC network is made up one or more IRC servers that are all connected to each other. By connecting to .

As of March the largest IRC networks are: freenode – around 99k users at peak hours. IRCNet – around 44k users at peak hours. QuakeNet – around 36k users at peak hours. EFnet – around 26k users at peak hours. Undernet – around 25k users at peak hours. Rizon – around 25k users at peak hours. History - Technical information - URI scheme - Clients. Several websites maintain lists of channels. Once connected to an IRC network, you can also try the very useful list command to find those on that network. I believe there is a 3rd one, but I can't find it. You can also visit the official page of many of the different IRC.

The UltimaTe GLobaL FrienDs Channel #TUNISIA On DALnet. Please Feel Free To Meet And Make As Much Friends As You Can! {{}} Just Be Cool And Have. Welcome to Al Jazeera Satellite Channel, now known as AJA, was launched on 1 November following ( news from around the. IRC Help for the Beginner, Chat Channels -- where we talk, converse, laugh, joke , and enjoy friendships with others from around the globe. There are quite a lot of networks and channels for downloading movies,tv shows, books, music,anime off of IRC. Will people who use IRC for. There are thousands of channels in IRC. Here is list of some channels with WWW documentation. free and friendly channel; #21plus - Does it mean adult.