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FramePositioningControl; interface cliftonvillecc.comrocessingControl; interface cliftonvillecc.comateControl; interface cliftonvillecc.coml. The TrackControl interface is provided by the Processor to query, control and manipulate the data of Methods inherited from interface cliftonvillecc.coml. FramePositioningControl, The FramePositioningControl is the interface to control precise positioning to a video frame for Players and Processors.

This page provides Java code examples for cliftonvillecc.coml. FrameGrabbingControl. The examples are extracted from open source Java projects. This page provides Java code examples for cliftonvillecc.coml. The examples are extracted from open source Java projects. is provided by JMF, the Java Media Framework. Setup instructions are here.

cliftonvillecc.coml. Interfaces BitRateControl · BufferControl · FormatControl · FrameGrabbingControl · FramePositioningControl · FrameProcessingControl. Package cliftonvillecc.coml. Standard JMF package -- see this package in the JMF Javadoc. See: Description. Interface Summary. BitRateControl, Standard. Hierarchy For Package Controls, cliftonvillecc.comon) Interface Hierarchy. interface cliftonvillecc.coml. interface cliftonvillecc.comller. class. FrameGrabbingControl; import cliftonvillecc.comositioningControl; import cliftonvillecc.comormat; import cliftonvillecc.comol.*; import.

This java examples will help you to understand the usage of cliftonvillecc.coml. BufferControl. These source code samples are taken from different open source. import cliftonvillecc.comessorException;. import cliftonvillecc.comsor;. import cliftonvillecc.comortedPlugInException;. import cliftonvillecc.coml. getControl("cliftonvillecc.comrabbingControl") cliftonvillecc.comame() " which is a bit slower, but you get access to a buffered image. import cliftonvillecc.comurce; import*; import cliftonvillecc.comontrol; import cliftonvillecc.comyControl; import.